Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Lets Start......

Ok well ive tried uploading some clips of my work  but for some reason its not letting me at the minute?
So im just gonna post some of my flat work for my film which I am working on now. The film is called MONSTERS its a 90 second film done in stop motion animation.
Im in the middle of building my characters and sets as we speak so i will also post the process of some of that as i go along too.
The story follows the inner thoughts of a little boy as he and his parents move into a new house. The young boy believes that there are monsters living inside the house too, as he hears strange noise’s throughout the day. The plot follows the young boy as he makes his way around the different rooms in the house trying to discover what the sounds are. He eventually decides to ask his mum to explain where the noise’s are coming from. She eventually explains everything to him and lets him know that it’s only his imagination. The story is narrated by the young boy throughout in the style of a short poem which i wrote.
Thats the basic outline but there are a few funny twists along the way.

Here are some of the sketches and development for the main character the young boy.

This is the Final Character design i went for. I wanted him to be cute and aesthetically pleasing for the audience to connect with and feel for.

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