Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Head Sculpt

To start the head sculpt  for casting I first bulked out tinfoil on some wire as a base for the head.

I then began to sculpt the head with plastercine 

To begin moulding I first had to make a two part mould. I done this by first building clay half way up my head sculpt

Once this way done I boxed the clay in and cleaned up my sculpt ready to add the plaster. I made key holes to make it easier to take apart once cast.

I added clay around the outside of the box to stop any plaster leaking out.

I sprayed the sculpt in wax to be able to take it apart from the plaster once set. I then mixed the plaster and poured it over the sculpt.

Once set i removed sculpt and repeated the process above creating the second part of the mould.

This is what the face side of the finished mould looked like

I decided I wanted to make the head from silicone. To do this I mixed the two parts to create silicone and added small amount of paint to give hair colour. 

I then painted the silicon into the mould where the hair would be. I done this first as the hair was darker then the skin, after it dried I mixed more silicone with a skin colour  I made up and applied it to the rest and filled up the mould. 

Once set I took mould apart and trimmed away the seem line.

The final head looked like this.
I added plastic circles for the eyes i cut from back of some googly eyes I bought and made paper pupils so they could move around and be animated. I am also using paper mouths as he only has very little expressions and no lip sync.

I also made a replacement head for the bath scene as i needed to cover it in bubbles and didn't want to ruin the head

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