Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Mum and Dad Armatures

The armatures for the parents were a lot easier  then for the boy. The parents are only seen from the waist up in the case of the mum and neck down for the dad as he will just be sitting.

For the mum i twisted wire and used KNS at the waist. The mum is not going to be animatable so her armature will just be made very simply

To bulk out the legs I wrapped them in tin foil. I done this as I'm going to use Sculpy to make her legs and i needed it to stick to the foil and be able to be put i the oven so foam would not work.

I made the legs from sculpy baked it in the oven till hard and finally painted them. i added foam to top of legs to bulk out her bum.

For the dad I re-used an armature I bought for a character I made last year. He didn't need an armature this complicated but to save time i just used this one as it happened to be around the right size as i needed.

same as the boy I began padding out with blue foam.

I padded the rest of the body with scraps of foam I had.

To help give the padding a smoother finish under the clothes i wrapped it all in a thin foam so it would look more natural.

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