Monday, 30 May 2011


Here are just  some of the props i made along the way 

This is a bath I made for the bathroom scene 
I needed to make two baths. One for the boy and his mum to stand by and one for the boy to actually be in. This is the one they stand by. I made it simply using card and milliput legs and rim

This is how it looked on set

This is one of the scenes it was in

This bath was for the boy and tentacle monster to be in

I made it using an old shoe box and milliput.  (Im like macgyver)

This is the scenes it was used in

The tentacle was made using twisted wire wrapped in a sports tape then dipped in latex the suckers were made from funky foam and glued on

After being dipped in latex 

Final tentacle (as you can see latex dries a lot darker then when applied )

some sitting room props I made Included this couch for the dad and boy to sit on.
It was made from scraps of wood and covered in material 

Final couch

This is a box in the living room with eyes of a hidden monster inside :)

Living room scene contain these props and others

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