Saturday, 28 May 2011

House Build

For my opening scene I wanted to establish the setting where my film was taking place. As it was my opening shot I also wanted it to look as nice as I could to grab viewers attention. I decided to build the house and street in an American style setting in an old craftsman house style.

I started off with a basic structure made from thin sheets of wood we had lying round the room from old sets. As the house was only seen from the front and to save time I just build the front view.

I cut the windows and door out and added the the roof  

I made the wooden panels out of strips of balsa wood and used thinner strips for the windows

I layered them up until the house was fully covered

I then added a door (which opens for the shot), made the window frames and added steps to the porch.

I then began to add details and painting the house

I added a porch using more balsa wood and painted it up

I printed out bricks for along the porch and added a few slate patches to the roof.

For the rest of the set I made a garage, moving boxes and a fence out of a cardboard. Painted a backdrop on a white sheet and made path out of strips of balsa. The road was made from sheets of card paper as was the grass but with grass texture i bought.

This is what the set was like laid out. I made lamp posts and a hydrant out of plastercine and sculpey  and a for sale/sold sign from balsa to add last details.

This is what the final house set looked like

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